Why invest in Silver?

As a precious metal Silver, like gold, is both a commodity and a quais-currency. It is an important investment metal with with a huge array of industrial uses, and has been used throughout ancient civilisations up until today as a medium of exchange. Silver’s uses over the centuries have included being used for money, jewellery and collectible coins. Due to its many features such as its malleability, thermal and electric conductivity, and its resistance to corrosion, silver has many extremely valuable industrial uses.

Unlike our modern ‘flat’ paper and digital currencies silver is not only a commodity, but also a currency which cannot be debased. An interesting fact, and one that shows the durability of silver as an investment, is that silver has been used in more regions and countries and for longer periods of time, as money than gold has.

Another factor when considering investment in silver is the fact that, industrial and investment demand in this precious metal is increasing significantly while supply is falling. The vast majority of the investing public and financial services industry remaining unaware of the fundamentals in silver, means that the bull market in this commodity is likely only in its intermediate stage. Therefore, those in the know feel, silver remains one of the most undervalued asset classes available today.

Silver, as with gold, is again being regarded by many investment managers as a solid hedge against war, terrorism, flat currency crises, inflation, deflation, hyper-inflation or a combination of all of the above. To this day silver remains a solid commodity to trade in.

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